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 We help you design "Your Life & Your Business"
  So what do we do...... 
We EMPOWER  the Nursing Profession!!!!!
I am dedicated to all hard-working professional nurses who love and respect our profession. We promise to educate, entertain, enlighten, and excite each and every one of you. Nurses……Thank you for your continued commitment to our patients and our profession!     ~Sylette~

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We offer:
  • Seminars, 
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Consultation and organization for new businesses
  • Staff education and in-service training
  • Joint Commission preparedness and State mock surveys
  • Career Coaching for Nurses
  • Mentoring for nursing students 
  • Health screenings and wellness fairs                  
  • FAST.....CPR, ACLS, & PALS Training-AHA approved         
  • Curriculum Building                                                       
  • Business set-up/Business plans                                        
  • RN Health Coach-Disease Management-Weight Loss, etc          

  • Business and Personal Tax Assistance
  • NCLEX Review & Study Techniques
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